Ice Hockey World Championships

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sexual orientation: hockey player’s broken english

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2014 Wimbledon Championships SemifinalsEugenie Bouchard def. Simona Halep 7-6 (5), 6-2

Eugenie Bouchard has become the first Canadian woman to ever reach the Wimbledon final!

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Canada: Sure, we may have the best hockey, Tim Hortons, delicious maple syrup, cute moose, and great beer... But we're also the 3rd best place to live in the world as well as the 3rd cleanest country on the planet. We have waterproof money, ketchup chips, the best skiing resorts, Niagara Falls, same-sex marriage is legal in the entire country, we're ranked more free than America, we have a low divorce and suicide rate, we're the 2nd most educated country, our middle class is now the richest middle class in the world, we're the 8th most peaceful country, we have 8% more political female leaders than America, we have the most Hollywood filming locations, paid maternity leave for all women, diversity with extremely rare cases of racism, the cleanest lakes, an extremely stable economy, many well-known celebrities come from here such as Anna Paquin, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson, Seth Rogen, Ellen Page, Will Arnett, Mike Myers, Wolverine, Michael Cera, and Jim Carrey. We also have bigger houses and a low poverty rate. We also help America repopulate endangered species. On top of all that, we're the nicest people that you'll ever meet simply because that's just how us Canadians are. Pretty cool, eh?
Everyone: Hell yeah, happy Canada Day!
America: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Canada: Sorry
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Happy Canada Day!

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xits canada day y'all! xhappy canada day (:


Happy Canada Day, Canada! 

Original video & text used for the GIF set was made by Molson Canadian. You can watch it here

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xcanada day xyayyyyy!

Happy Canada Day my lovely fellow Canadian followers!!!(: Enjoy the holiday. Stay safe! Stay awesome!

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xcanada day xi love you all(:

insp [x]

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Confession: I am a Canadian and as much as I love my country and my people, I can’t deny the STRONG feelings I have for the Swedish folks. Like, they’re just so kind and nice and sweet and the MOST important thing… they’re fucking beautiful. You’re so FINE Sweden . I love you!

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xteam canada xteam sweden xa post in which i rant about my love for sweden and quietly cry over their breathtaking hockey players and goaltenders while i watch the stanley cup final game...thats all xhenrik lundqvist xerik karlsson xshould i or should i not tag all the swedish people i loveeee!? xhmmmmm xmaybe xill come back to this xpersonal
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xomfg xwe really do apologize for everything dont we?


it seems the quarter curse continues for the 5th straight year.

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